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We believe there’s a better way to move forward in the wake of an unanticipated outcome, a way that creates a path to healing for everyone involved. Constellation’s HEAL program replaces silence, doubt, fear and frustration with an honest, human-centered acknowledgement of what happened, its impact, and what to expect next.



Get a competitive rate for medical professional liability (MPL) coverage plus details on benefits included with your membership. It takes just a few minutes to complete the process.

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Watch our latest on-demand COVID-19 webinar and learn about the professional and personal challenges of working in a COVID-19 environment and how to respond to this burden.
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New Excess Judgment Liability (XJL) Coverage

Constellation's new Excess Judgment Liability (XJL) coverage helps protect your organization against inflated settlement demands that are based on policy limits instead of patient injuries.

Constellation Online Forum

The Forum is available exclusively for our MMIC, UMIA and Arkansas Mutual customers. Join the COVID-19 conversation and connect to share, collaborate and learn from each other.
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